headshot of Tony HudsonTony Hudson, MEd helps leaders and organizations explore how race matters to them, and assists them in becoming racially conscious inclusive organizations. His purpose is to align people and resources to center racial consciousness and intersectional equity in relationships and collaboration. He developed the Racially Conscious Collaboration™ (RCC) Framework, a suite of research-based tools structured to assist people and organizations in transformation. His process includes three phases: 1.) Capacity building; 2.) Organizational assessment and plan development, and 3.) Deep implementation coaching.

Tony spent the last six years traveling across the country, successfully ushering organizations through racial consciousness development and organizational change with the Pacific Educational Group. He has worked with a wide range of clients, including fortune 500 companies, school districts, health care organizations, non-government, and municipal entities. As a result of his work as the lead consultant guiding New York University Langone Center for Early Childhood Health and Development through their transformation, the organization was recognized with a national award for their success. Tony’s success as an expert journey partner to organizations stems from his ability to meet organizations where they are at and move them from having uncertainty about race to progressively maintaining race equity and inclusion. Contact Tony here.