The Hold Me Tight workshop is transformative!

The Hold Me Tight workshop is transformative! The emotional work is hard, but like anything that presents a personal challenge, it feels great when you’ve gone through it. Highly recommend for couples in any level of distress. We were recently separated and reconciled and this workshop let us see and feel the way forward.

So thoughtful and well-done

So thoughtful and well-done. Nancy and Mike are generous and capable facilitators – the knowledge and normalization of issues was so helpful. And the exercises took us to a much deeper and hopefully transformative place. Such positive energy from all.

Nancy brings a lifetime’s worth of wisdom

Nancy brings a lifetime’s worth of wisdom, knowledge, insight, calm, and humor to her presentation of this life-changing, course-correcting information. The model is sound, the on-site therapists acting as assistants are insightful and compassionate, and I expect the insights to rebound in the lives of our family members forever.

The Hold Me Tight

The Hold Me Tight workshop gave me a deeper understanding into my fears and negative outlooks in my marriage. I am leaving the workshop with a hopeful attitude towards my husband and marriage.

We benefited greatly

We benefited greatly from this workshop. We went during a time of transition and found this focused time a real boost to our relationship. We also were able to heal an old wound and that was a huge surprise for both of us. The new conversations gave us great hope at a time when we really needed the support.