Hold Me Tight gives me a deeper understanding into my fears and negative outlooks in my marriage. I’m leaving the workshop with a hopeful attitude towards my husband and marriage.

The Hold Me Tight workshop is transformative! The emotional work is hard, but like anything that presents a personal challenge, it feels great when you’ve gone through it. Highly recommend for couples in any level of distress. We were recently separated and reconciled and this workshop let us see and feel the way forward.

My partner and I did the Hold Me Tight/Hold Me Just Right workshop at a challenging crossroads in our relationship and came out feeling closer, more connected, and with a greater understanding of our relationship and the important role of sexual intimacy. I feel strongly that any couple at any stage of their sexual journey can benefit tremendously from the “deep dive” they will make into the unique structure of their sexual relationship that the Hold Me Tight/Hold Me Just Right workshop will take them into.

This workshop did wonders to open us both up to thinking about things we didn’t know how to discuss with each other, even in couples therapy! In this clear and well-thought-out framework and pacing, we were led down a path of opening doors left and right, bringing us deeper into ourselves and closer to each other, with more willingness to share. Nancy and Michael and their volunteer aides are fantastic at what they do, offering achievable goals in a supportive, ultra-safe setting.

A joy to be on a journey with a guide and some supporters at hand with compassion, with full feeling. Space to be in the experience, the inner experience, the other’s experience. Risking the dangerous feelings. Hoping for connections. Touching the fears over and over. Holding hands and holding on. Hold me tight!