The Hold Me Tight workshop is transformative! The emotional work is hard, but like anything that presents a personal challenge, it feels great when you’ve gone through it. Highly recommend for couples in any level of distress. We were recently separated and reconciled and this workshop let us see and feel the way forward.

The Hold Me Tight workshop gave me a deeper understanding into my fears and negative outlooks in my marriage. I am leaving the workshop with a hopeful attitude towards my husband and marriage.

The Hold Me Tight paradigm, as expertly facilitated by Nancy Knudsen, in this invaluable weekend, helped me tune into the subtle destructive dynamics in my relationship and make a quantum leap in repairing those dynamics.

A joy to be on a journey with a guide and some supporters at hand with compassion, with full feeling. Space to be in the experience, the inner experience, the other’s experience. Risking the dangerous feelings. Hoping for connections. Touching the fears over and over. Holding hands and holding on. Hold me tight!

This workshop helped us to strengthen our relationship as we move toward marriage. By identifying the impact and past experiences on our relationship we could decrease any negative impact they have on our connection.