Nancy and her team create a comfortable atmosphere for exploring and learning how to heal and strengthen relationships at all stages of development. We left with much more renewed closeness than we imagined possible.

The pacing, presentation, and material presented in this weekend workshop created a context for creating trust, openness, and deeper intimacy. It is incredibly valuable!

Two days filled with intense experimental interactions with my partner that led to deep insight and transformative emotional connection.

The combination of the Hold Me Tight and Hold Me Tight/Hold Me Just Right helped us bridge some important territory after 20 years. We leave feeling grateful, connected, and even joyful around our relationship – in large measure due to this process and all it uncovered.

This is an incredibly effective, useful workshop that shed light on ways we were stuck in old stories and hurts. It was a powerfully transformative experiential weekend that produced results that would take years to achieve in regular couples therapy.