People afraid of a workshop because it will mean “airing your dirty laundry” should not be fearful of this workshop. You work individually with your partner to discuss your issues and concerns. Sharing with the larger group is not a required part of the workshop. Getting tools in a supportive environment can be helpful. There’s no pressure to “be at a certain place.” You start where you are.

My partner and I did the Hold Me Tight/Hold Me Just Right workshop at a challenging crossroads in our relationship and came out feeling closer, more connected, and with a greater understanding of our relationship and the important role of sexual intimacy. I feel strongly that any couple at any stage of their sexual journey can benefit tremendously from the “deep dive” they will make into the unique structure of their sexual relationship that the Hold Me Tight/Hold Me Just Right workshop will take them into.

This workshop was a powerful way to connect with my partner and grow our relationship. The tools are not only practical but heart-centered and lovely. It makes me want to dive deeper into the work and keep going towards connection in my relationship.

The Hold Me Tight workshop is transformative! The emotional work is hard, but like anything that presents a personal challenge, it feels great when you’ve gone through it. Highly recommend for couples in any level of distress. We were recently separated and reconciled and this workshop let us see and feel the way forward.

The Hold Me Tight workshops (I have taken two) have provided me with invaluable, practical skills for healing very tender emotional wounds that were holding my partner and I back from the deeper intimacy we crave with each other.