When: Friday, November 15, 2019 9am-12:15pm
Where: 40 Center Street, Northampton, MA
Instructor: Daniel J. Wiener, PhD, RDT/BCT, AAMFT
Rates: TBA
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
CE’s: 3 CE’s pending for LMFT’s, LICSW’s, LMHC’s, and Lic. Psychologists

Instead of viewing therapy as a way of discovering “who you are,” Rehearsals for Growth (RfG) is a therapeutic form that uses theater improvisation to explore and expand the limits of “who else you can be” while maintaining an awareness of play and pretense in the moment. RfG stretches and playfully challenges patterns of intra- and interpersonal stuckness. In addition to their usefulness as tools for clinical assessment and intervention, RfG exercises provide a highly effective way of teaching systemic thinking, expanded use of the therapist’s emotional range, and clinical change via shifts in the presentation of the therapist.

In this experiential workshop, volunteer participants learn playful exercises useful as clinical interventions to:

  1. Give up over-control for mutuality
  2. Promote cooperation by making other persons look good
  3. Encourage risk-taking through fantasy and playfulness
  4. Heighten awareness of status (power) transactions
  5. Co-create new realities through embodied story-making

Following this presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the difference between and relevance of the two modes of functioning: Survival Mind and Adventure Mind
  2. Demonstrate the challenge to Survival Mind of improvising
  3. Prepare at least three brief improvisation exercises useful for assessing and/or improving couples or family cooperative functioning
  4. Interpret nonverbal status cues from observing social interaction
  5. Explain why therapists need to take risks in order to empower client change

Daniel J. Wiener, PhD, RDT/BCT is licensed psychologist who taught Marriage and Family Therapy for 23 years as a Professor at Central Connecticut State University. Having founded his approach to relational therapy, Rehearsals for Growth (RfG), in 1984, he has presented over 230 professional workshops in 8 countries, training over 1000 therapists. He is an author/editor of 5 books (starting with Rehearsals for Growth: Improvisation for Psychotherapists in 1994) as well as 50 professional chapters and articles. He is the recipient of: Psychodrama’s Zerka T. Moreno Award (ASGPP), both Drama Therapy’s Gertrude Schattner Awards and a Research Award (NADTA). His website is: www.rehearsalsforgrowth.com.