Couples and families who are touched by a range of mental illnesses can be thrown into serious crisis by a normal life event such as the birth of a child. This workshop will examine the prevalence of chronic mental illness across various ethnic groups, social classes, and age categories in our communities. A variety of treatment interventions will be highlighted with an emphasis on creative solutions for working with couples and families in crisis who are at risk for serious conflicts, separation/divorce, and other traumatic experiences that impede their family structure and interfere in healthy meaningful relationships.

Learning formats includes lecture,  group discussions, case presentation.

Participants will:  

  1. Deepen awareness of how chronic mental illness can impact a couple/family.
  2. Understand how the use of Self can ameliorate and facilitate trust, engagement and compliance.
  3. Learn to create a treatment plan that will increase successful outcomes in the shortest amount possible.

Mirza Lugardo, LMHC has 14 years of experience as Director of the Intensive Family Services Program of Harrington Hospital working with chronically mentally ill children and their families. Her skill set includes community outreach, program development, crisis intervention, clinical supervision, prevention, dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders and psychological assessment among other things. She is working towards her Ph.D. in Applied Psychology, Couples and Family Therapy from Antioch University New England Graduate School. Mirza is also credentialed as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor.  In addition, she has been trained as a Doula and has helped over 100 women go through labor and childbirth in hospitals and birth center settings.


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