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We offer a number of training opportunities for mental health professionals who want to strengthen their skill set in working using a family systems approach.

From the Within to the Between: Couple and Family Systems Theories and Practice

This series of four workshops on couple and family therapy can be taken as a package or as individual workshops. They are designed to equip the practitioner with an overview of the family therapy field.  

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The Leap to Systems Thinking: Learning from the Great Innovators

When: Friday, January 12, 2018, 9-4:30

Where: 40 Center Street, Northampton, MA

Instructors: Nancy Knudsen, LMFT, Jack LaForte, PhD, LMFT, Peter Titelman, PhD

$110/$135 after 12/29, Agency Clinician Rate $55

This workshop is designed to ground clinicians in the fundamentals of family systems theory and practice. Starting with the work of Karl Ludwig von Bertalanffy, the founder of General Systems Theory;  progressing to two of the giants of the family therapy movement, Salvador Minuchin, the founder of Structural Family Therapy, and Murray Bowen, the originator of Bowen Systems Theory;  and ending with Susan Johnson, the originator of Emotionally Focused Therapy, the three presenters will elucidate the theme of “thinking systems.” A way of thinking about people in the context of their family relationships, the great paradigm shift  that revolutionized the field of psychotherapy can be applied to working with individuals, couples, families, or even larger social groups. Lecture, video clips of these great originators at work, discussion, and a live case consultation with a workshop participant on the application of Bowen theory with a therapist’s own family will make this day a full experience.


Nancy Knudsen, LMFT, has devoted her 30 year career to serving couples and families in distress, most recently using the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy. She is a Certified EFT Supervisor, a Past President of MAMFT, Assistant Director of the New England Center for EFT, and Co-Director of CFINE.

Jack LaForte, PhD, LMFT, has devoted 35 years to his clinical practice seeing individuals, couples, and families. Among his many professional accomplishments serving the field, he is currently co-director of CFINE.

Peter Titelman, PhD, maintains a private practice in clinical psychology, specializing in Bowen family systems therapy, consultation, professional education, and supervision. He is the editor of five books on various aspects of Bowen theory.

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